Fuck Chastity

Chastity likes fun, freedom, challenges, success, being happy and sex. Chastity loves life and does not live with regrets. Chastity learns (sometimes it takes a while) and moves on. Chastity believes there is nothing wrong with not wanting to commit and mostly chooses not to.

This is an anonymous blog because there are things I can't/don't want to share with my friends and yet want to get them out. This is a new experience for me. It thrills me to know that no-one knows me or those mentioned. At the same time, I want to keep this blog so I wouldn't forget anything. One day I want to look back at it and have a laugh with a close friend reminiscing about good old days.

London, UK | PR/Communications

"I write because I want to remember and because words hold more truth than memories sometimes"
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